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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Snowdrop's Giveaway

hemm..buat para ibu2..mama2..ummi2..mak2..yang nk cloth pad secara percuma try join giveway ni....hemm..aku harap dapat ar..free 2..saper yg xnk...

Giveaway ni open seminggu je (until 16 Nov 2009) So scroll down for details


Step 1

Copy and paste mana2 code below on your blog. Kire add banner Baby Snowdrop la.



Step 2

Become Baby Snowdrop's follower.

Step 3

Make entry tentang Baby Snowdrop's Giveaway ni in blog uolls. So boleh share pd sume kan for free samples cloth pad.

Step 4

Leave your name, email address and blog/website kat comment. Nanti we will visit each blog and tgk whether qualified tak to get the free sample. (If nak Baby Snowdrop link balik your blog, pls inform k)

Finally, we will list name and blog yg qualified to get free sample, then uolls have to email to me your full name, address and phone number(ni utk nak pos)

NOTE : Anyone yg still publish banner Baby Snowdrop for at least a month, your blog akan qualified to next month lucky draw, we pick one winner randomly. Winner akan qualified to get one piece of Ring Sling from Baby Snowdrop. Lucky Draw ni akan berjalan selama 3 months berturut2 until bulan February.

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1 comment:

  1. Salam kenal,

    Thanks a lot ye for interested in joining our giveaway...

    nak inform, nisa dh cek list followers, xjumpe nama puan, pls cek ye, and inform nisa blk k...

    Thanks again :)